VTrippers | Yalta Summer Jam "Back 2 Back" 2017 - OFFICIAL DIARY

Yalta Summer Jam "Back 2 Back" 2017 - OFFICIAL DIARY

  • Location: Europe
  • Category: Adventure
  • Thematics: Music Trip


Published on Jan 29, 2018

ТN�адиN�ионнN�й коN�оN�комеN�N�ажнN�й N�илN�м, опиN�N�ваN�N�ий аN�моN�N�еN�N� и поN�N�л N�еN�N�ивалN� ЯлN�а Ð�еN�о Ð�жем 2017 "Ð�войной N�даN�". ЯN�кие моменN�N�, N�еN�ез коN�оN�N�е пN�обN�ждаN�N�N�N� N�амN�е N�N�плN�е воN�поминаниN�, аN�моN�N�еN�а пN�аздника Хип Хоп кN�лN�N�N�N�N�, лN�бовN� и единN�N�во N�воN�N�еN�кого комN�N�ниN�и - вN�N� N�N�о мN� N�оN�им пеN�едаN�N� N�еN�ез N�N�оN� клип вN�емN� Ð�иN�N�. Ð�аждN�й гоN�N�N�, каждN�м миг, каждаN� плаN�N�инка - N�N�о важнаN� кN�N�пинка болN�N�ого N�обN�N�иN�! 2017 дневник "Ð�войной N�даN�" N�нN�л и N�монN�иN�овал Ð�вгений ТолмаN�N�в. Ð�лагодаN�им ваN� за визиN� и ждN�м вN�еN� на 10-леN�ии Yalta Summer Jam в 2018 годN� N� 10 по 15 иN�лN� ____________________________ A traditional short film describing the atmosphere and the message of the Yalta Summer Jem Festival 2017 A«Back 2 BackA». Best moments, atmosphere of Summer Vocation, Love and Unity inside of Hip Hop Community - are main ingredients of this video clip. Every guest, every move, every groove - are important part of our Event. Thank you for being part of it! 2017 diary A«Back 2 BackA» was shot and edited by Yevgeny Tolmachov (ibizaevent.net) You're welcome to 10-th Anniversary of Yalta Summer Jam in 2018, 10-15 of July ____________________________________ INFO: https://www.yaltasummerjam.com https://www.facebook.com/yaltasummerjam https://www.vk.com/yaltasummerjam https://www.instagram.com/yaltasummerjam