VTrippers | Beautiful Santorini 2017 Travel Video [Sony A6000]

Beautiful Santorini 2017 Travel Video [Sony A6000]

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  • Location: Europe
  • Category: Discovery
  • Thematics: Island


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Published on May 23, 2017

During our Europe trip we visited Santorini - Greece for a couple of days. We compiled this video of shots we took with the Sony A6000. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great, but we still had a lot of fun on the island. Thank you Santorini. For more information about Santorini, check our top 7 things to do list: http://atlasexplorers.com/top-7-amazing-things-to-do-in-santorini/ * Our Gear: http://atlasexplorers.com/our-travel-camera-gear-2/ Previous compilation here [Venice -Italy]: https://youtu.be/6aJlNsC6Cv8 Time-Lapse around the world video here: https://youtu.be/SwC0NS3-sEw http://AtlasExplorers.com

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  • Kikosurfconil

    Cool movie!

  • Marlua Cessorios

    great video! must visit santorini as well

  • Katty Worth

    You are soo real💙

  • Eitan Levy

    astonishing video of Santorini!

  • Bate_backpacking

    I can tell that you have enjoyed your stay in Santorini.

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