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The Best Small Town Main Street in America

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Published on Apr 09, 2017

The best small town Main Street in America can be found in Illinois. The former rip-roaring lead-mining town of Galena once produced almost 85% of the nationas lead, and was the busiest Mississippi River port between St. Louis and St. Paul, a bustle bigger than Chicago. Now, it charm lies in the preservation of its past, one which Galena proudly embraces. Galena has been cited as having aThe Best Small Town Main Street in America,a because it looks like a movie set idealization of Norman Rockwellas home. Of course, the actual movie theater appeared in the movie Field of Dreams. By the middle of the 19th Century, Galena was one of the richest river towns in the Midwest. But when the lead ran out and the Galena River silted up, the town went into a century-long dive. The townsfolk became too poor to tear anything down. That, it turns out, was its salvation, and today the town appears pretty much as it did when Ulysses S. Grant worked in his father's store on the red-hued street. Now, that preserved-in-aspic quality is the lodestone, the touro-dollar draw. The street is exuberant with boutiques, bars, reliquaries, art galleries, cafes, ghost tours, trolleys, locals sporting thick, black Ulysses S. Grant beards, and shops specializing in everything acraft.a The old brown brick buildings host handcrafted jewelry, homemade fudge, artisanal cheese, hand-sewn clothing, self-published books, in-house roasted coffee, immaculate confections, stove-popped gourmet popcorn, and, of course, craft beer.

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