VTrippers | An Inspirational Quadriplegic Surfer - Barney Miller: A Day In The Life

An inspirational quadriplegic surfer - Barney Miller: A day in the life

Barney Miller
  • Location: North America
  • Category: Inspiration
  • Thematics: Surfing


Published on Apr 30, 2016

Click http://win.gs/1hNLO5D to register! Wings for Life World Run Ambassador, Barney Miller, gives an inside look into what his daily life is like living with a spinal cord injury. Filmed in Australia, this quadriplegic surfer shows how he continues to pe

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  • Roland & Moya


  • Edblanchard

    Amazing vlog! So beautiful

  • Karly Campton

    You are such an inspiration :)

  • Taju Deenjaja

    Amazing quality and scenery, looks like paradise!

  • Brayden Hung

    you all looking smart

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