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  1. By Mikhael Chai

    2 days ago

    The following video documents my journey through the DPRK in September 2017.
    Despite all the negati...

    • 2 days ago

      Nicely done! It is a pretty delicate travel destination to talk about! lol

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  2. By Mikhael Chai

    5 months ago

    Huangshan, Anhui, China
    - Fei Cui Gui (Emerald Valley)
    - Chengkan Village
    - Tunxi Old...

    • 4 months ago

      Very beautiful. I like very much. Thanks for sharing dear!

    • 4 months ago

      China is a great beautiful country. 

    • 4 months ago

      Thank you for this great video!

    • 4 months ago

      Huangshan ia a gorgeous place

    • 4 months ago

      I love your all video...great

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